by Dyzlexic

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Can someone tell me what it means to be Australian? coz i for one, feel like i’m failing. All i see is racism and greed prevailing, the sickness grows from all the hate that we’re inhaling Some of the population are fit like Adonis but most Aussies are thick and abhorrent. Leaders slap backs with the fat cats up in towers, misspend public funds abuse their powers. We have a misplaced sense of freedom, free to succeed but free from reason. We shun the poor and those who protest, we love the law because it knows best. Rates of suicide are so high. So many alive feel dead inside. Darth Murdoch serves another lie, It’s no wonder kids smoke all that ice to get high... WE DON'T CARE, BECAUSE LIFE'S TOO EASY WE JUST SIT AND STARE, AND WE'VE BECOME SO NEEDY IT'S SO UNFAIR HOW WE ACT SO GREEDY WE TAKE MORE THAN OUR SHARE, AND LEAVE THE LAND BLEEDING Far too many think that politics is boring, Police state growing, everyone is snoring. Addicted to brands and promotions, Buy that useless shit, choke up the oceans. You want your life easy and cheap, But everyone needs somewhere to sleep Our privilege comes with consequences, Instead of helping we build higher fences Some philosophies through the bong smoke, And whinge about the system but you don’t vote! Lazy spiritool, rastafar-white You're lack of engagement has helped the rise to the far right Politicians serve corporate interests Treat our indigenous worse than prisoners. Cut the land for metals and energy And white out this nation’s black memory.
I peer through the Smokescreen, looking at reality My mind wide open coz man I can feel the gravity Insanity, that is driven by the vanity Of a lasting legacy left by humanity. Lessons of the past not applied to the future, The infection began deep within the suture. The wound hasn't healed, watch the sickness spread As the rivers dry up and run thick with red. The vision of cataclysm, held tight within 'em The vision takes shape but breaks from the schism. Lost is assured when the might is aligned, They don't occupy a place they occupy you're fucking mind. We need changes, coz our phrases are frameless, Some can't face this: Power is faceless. So more than ever, we need to cure this disease And change the way we view our own species. We need more than TVs to see we can't spread like lice. Enjoy the sea-breeze coz the air we breathe well it soon won't taste very nice. We need direct action, we're way passed the crunch-time, The joke is on us but we're still waiting for the punchline It's lunchtime, but there's nothing to eat Enjoy the heat, as you struggle to sleep. Riddim's coming hard! This one’s stinking! System got us locked down, many men sinking Watch them run around, unaware, blinking Open up your mind time to start thinking! You're lost, you're dreaming and scheming but not believing That even the smallest actions matter to them seeking higher meaning Greedy men seemingly fuel the fiending that streaming til the breathing of the heathen's is heavin' and uneven. Even when the chip are down, sound advice gets flipped around High hope crash then burn as they hit the ground Our place on this Earth, it can't go in reverse It's always less for better, it's always more for worse. We rode for free with the air of entitlement Soberly we overly boast of enlightenment The bright light hits blurring the acknowledgement And leaving us wondering where the fuck all of the knowledge went. Time waits for no one to to rise to the occasion, Surrender is not part of the equation So many of us need to act with distinction or march down the path to our own extinction.
I spit molten rock, let the lava flow Flames from my lungs, coming to melt your afterglow So many hardly know: the price of your vice Is creating a life that cannot survive Take what we want, til there’s nothing to take Break everything, til there’s nothing to break The back of the slave, bends out of shape While the belly of the rich man never knows ache The time has come, we must awake And stop the thieves, before they escape With all the loot, they mould the dollar sign But the dollar’s fine riding high on it’s borrowed time Until the crash, watch the bubble burst The fire burns bright on it’s troubled hearth Clearing that rubbled Earth, we making way It’s progress: and we all getting pay DON'T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX IT'S SAFE TO HIDE IN FLOCKS WE ARE THE RABBITS RUNNING TRYING TO HIDE FROM THE FOX The mic explodes, when I spit that rhyme I'm bringing a sonic boom, working it double time Open up you eyes, now see that brighter ray Our space in this place, needs a lighter way Lateral thinking, many men are drinking Drunkenly dancing as the ship is sinking The seas are rough, some of them go overboard Dancing til they drown out all of their sober thoughts The lunatics now run the ward They’ve overrun the overlord So look to the stars, to see whose in charge Then see who still stands up in the aftermath Our bridges burning, the tide is turning Learning there’s no need to subdue our yearning For the next expense, many men look so tense Their commonsense, tells them to stay within the fence
Well I vote green and I smoke green, smash beers and love the blue meanies I’m a greenie getting so high I’m doing drive byes with a true blue genie See me stumbling mumbling getting in all sorts of trouble and pissing off the publican coz I’m acting like a grub again General degenerate, spittin' some hippie rhetoric Engage menace mode like Dennis bro, pissing on your etiquette Rehearse my words so the verse is immersive With the bird like a verb so my curse is absurdist Live like a minimalist spitting the illest of tricks, I flip lids dip shits get hit with a brick More than a rebel MC, the devil revels in me and jump up puts the pedal to the metal in me You can call me the Prince of Rinse coz I’ve been been minced since way back whence I’m the kind of guy leaving the mic so hot the next MC melts off their fingerprints EENIE MEENIE MINIE MO, I'M A GREENIE GRIMEY BRO AND I'M BUSTIN' THE DAMN WALL WHILE A WEAK MC COMES IN BRINGING THEIR TINY FLOW I GOT THE MANOEUVRE LIKE A DAMN HOOVER, I CLEAN MIRROS LIKE A MAID NEVER TIRED SON, THESE IRON LUNGS WILL SPIT FLAMES ALL OVER YOUR RAVE When the bassline coming in my head'll roll over Using the double time lines slaying any poser Flows so frozen head to the toes and Sit on top of the drop when the bomb’s exploding Gotta rhyme scheme like Kai Greene Keep my eyes clean with the Vizine This hype in the art staying true to the beat Coz I’m stomping so hard that I’m bruising my feet I’ll smack your pack make the wack back track Spitting a fact and bringing truth to the act I’m so phat my lines fly you off the see-saw See me on the d-floor blowing like C4 Or u on stage going nuts on the mic Maintain the rage when I’m blazing the hype Bro you're not an MC you’re a wack actor The kind of cat who belongs on X factor None of these MCs have bars anymore They dribble their little riddles then they *hicup* many more Spoon fed rich kids spoilt little brats Acting like lions when they’re really pussy cats Singing about cash, cash, money, money, guns, hoes ain’t it funny How many rappers try act like the game ain’t scummy Every shitty rapper wanna rap like this Acting like each other so I’m gonna take the piss I’m like Nastro, you’re like Leggera I’m Dwayne Johnson, you’re Michael Cera The only man I battle is the man up in the mirror So I jump up on a riddim and I get my mind clearer Don’t wanna be a hero but neither a zero Wanna be the best MC around here though So I'll keeo working hard on my game And leave you all chasing that stardom and fame
I’ve been doofing for years, I roll in with stuffed animals There’s no rules to this, so I wrote The Cooker’s Manual A step-by-step booklet for you to have The best time possible and not fuck up like a spaz NUMBER Number 1: Set up your tent before you get on it Coz sleeping on the ground is really really fucking horrid And doing things wasted makes them so much harder And a good home base makes everyone a lot calmer. 2. Bring heaps of snacks to eat Food in ya tummy’s comfy, like shoes on your feet And even if they don’t get eaten coz you’re too deep in the sesh Save them for the trip home, and keep the driver fresh 3. Every night try and get a bit of sleep Or you might pass out somewhere baking in the heat And sleep deprived minds find madness quite easily And once they’re off an running they defy all reasoning 4. Check the quality of your score Maybe there’s a reason no one’s seen that colour of powder before 5. A pro-tip: Lighter on a String Coz you will never find your lighter no matter how many you bring 6. Some chicks get out their tits to feel great, bro It doesn’t mean she wants to root you and your mate though 7. Keep hydrated, bring a reusable bottle Coz you need to keep up with the fluids when you’re hitting the throttle Old Mate H2O is the go when you’re up and on a roll Coz you can’t replace that sweat you leak with alcohol 8. You will always be late and always lose a mate So make a dancefloor meet spot and leave the rest to fate 9. Please, be safe with what you’re taking Don’t be a hero, coz no one ordered the burnt bacon The authorities are waging a war on this shit The last thing the scene needs is any more statistics 10. This rule is by far the most important Leave no trace, means taking away everything that you brought in That means all your rubbish, toys, decorations If you brought it in take it out, end of conversation Follow these tips you’ll have a mad sesh for days It’s a playground for adults we’re all welcome to play Don’t be a cunt and try not to shit yourself Show some love for the land and everyone else Peace, Love, Unity and Respect These foundations are set as we all intersect My advice is just do you coz you do The best version of yourself, no one else can do you Make some noise if you've been to Seshlehem, make some noise if you like a phat bassline... ...make some noise if you're a dirty trashbag! is what it is, and that’s the way we like it


released August 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Dyzlexic Melbourne, Australia

Dyzlexic is the most versatile vocalist in the Australian bass music scene. For over a decade and a half he has amped up crowds across the country with his versatile skills and infectious stage presence. He is best known for hosting some of Melbourne’s biggest drum‘n’bass and dubstep parties as the resident MC for Twisted Audio and Dark Riddims.

Watch this space for further solo releases.
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